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Jody has been an integral part of the company’s growth over the past 25 years. With over 8 years of advertising, retail and hospitality experience under her belt prior to committing full-time to Festivals Inc. in 1988, Jody continues to bring innovation, creativity and most importantly a level of service unprecedented in the industry. Jody’s leadership and management style promotes teamwork and attention to detail on all accounts and raises the bar for the company’s expectations to deliver above and beyond every time. Jody has managed all aspects of special event production for over 25 major community festivals and celebrations and corporate events. She has handled venue negotiations and worked closely with a variety of government agencies in numerous cities in the State of Washington. Her opinions and input regarding special events continues to increase each year as cities attempt to better understand the business and support the benefits that events bring to any community. Jody’s innovative approach to advertising and marketing for special events won numerous awards from both the International and Washington Festivals & Events Association. Many of these strategies have since been successfully adopted by other regional festivals.

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