Emerald Queen Casino: On behalf of the Emerald Queen Casino, I would like to extend the highest professional and personal recommendation to New Growth Event Solution /Festivals Inc. and their staff. I have worked with this company for three years as a sponsor of the Taste of Tacoma, two years at the Bite of Seattle, and one year at the Oktoberfest event.

They maintain a level of professionalism and success that is unrivaled in the industry. They effectively balance community needs, sponsor demands, and production restrictions all in the name of family-friendly entertainment. The company is innovative and strives to elevate the quality of each event from year to year. I’ve witnessed spectacular growth in their work over the years and am stunned by what they seem to do effortlessly.

I would recommend them to any organization that desires an organized, profitable, and enjoyable event.

Market Reach: Each year Market Reach takes part in 100 or more events nationwide on behalf of our clients. Without exaggeration New Growth Event Solutions and Festivals Inc. are the most professional group we deal with. From the point of sponsorship sale to the event opening day it is always a smooth process with lots of personal contact along the way to make certain we are happy so our clients can be happy.

From the Heart of Washington: The event was a perfect event for our campaign coverage. The From the Heart of Washington booth had terrific traffic and fantastic coverage throughout the Seattle Center grounds. Thanks to the Festivals crew, especially Brett and intern Amanda, the Alley area and Bite Cooks stage ran smoothly. Our sponsorship of The Bite Cooks! stage was well received as well as positive feedback from the public. We are looking forward to next year!

Mortgage Market, Inc., an RBC Mortgage company: The Bite of Seattle™ provided RBC Mortgage Market with incredible exposure to thousands of potential home buyers and homeowners that need to refinance or take out equity loans. In fact, our on-site "live" approval system at our promotional booth resulted in over 40 approved home mortgages!

hp Mobile Promotions: We at Alloy Marketing and Promotions bring our marketing programs to hundreds of events throughout the year. The Bite of Seattle™ is consistently one of the most successful with regards to offering our clients access to hundreds of thousands of savvy consumers in a fun, family environment. Working with the event producers is of great value to us and our clients as they are creative, proactive and effective.

Washington Lottery: The Bite is always one of the best summer Lottery events for us to take part in! This year with the launch of our new Tabasco Scratch ticket we were able to do a co-promotion with QFC and Tabasco! Our Tabasco ticket accounted for 43% of all our Scratch ticket sales! Another great year!

Unilever Best Foods: Not only does the staff at Festivals Inc. show complete dedication to the execution of a flawless event, but they have a great time in doing so. They've exceeded my and my client's expectations and I can't wait to work with them again in the future!

Verizon Wireless: New Growth Event Solutions professionally manages its events to make it easy for Verizon Wireless to give its customers an opportunity to learn more about choosing wireless services. Their attention to detail and follow up makes it a pleasure to do business with them. They consistently go above and beyond their responsibilities to augment our visibility and engage us as a partner in event success.

Marketing Agency on behalf of General Mills: Working in the entertainment and marketing industry for over five years, I have to say that New Growth Event Solutions / Festivals Inc. was by far my best experience ever. From the preliminary coordination stages to the end of event celebration, I have never met and worked with more accommodating people. The staff that puts on and manages this event is beyond professional and helpful, they have an amazing way of making you feel that you are the only person they are there to help. With the daunting task of distributing over 200,000 samples, the staff bent over backwards to ensure that the event was a total success for us. I look forward to taking part in this event in years to come and will encourage all of my clients to develop a sponsorship package that includes their events' participation in the Bite of Seattle.

Food Vendors (Includes Restaurants)

Justin Jordan - California Pizza Kitchen (Food Vendor)
My affiliation with New Growth began last year 2008 as we were interested in participating in one of there major events the “Bite Of Seattle”. From the very first contact with them I have been very impressed with there overall operations and mannerism in the way they conduct their business.  Our expectations of Festivals Inc have been met and in most cases exceeded. I strongly recommend New Growth to any entrepreneur or potential client in any type of business partnership.

Jasper's BBQ (Food Vendor)
Jasper's BBQ Smokehouse has participated as a vendor at the Comcast Bite of Seattle® the past three years. The Bite is the only festival-type event we do each year. We decided to give the Bite a try because the people at New Growth assured us they would deliver the customers, help us to set up our booth, deliver the services we needed to operate, and maintain good security for a three-day event. They came through as promised. As festival rookies we came in green as hell and they showed us the ropes and we've been rolling ever since. We do excellent business at the event, my crew looks forward to the Bite each year, Jasper's BBQ's name is out in the local area and it's become a part of our business plans each year. Dennis Lebow, Jasper's BBQ Smokehouse.

Ray Tsway – RTI Concession Company (Food Vendor)
I own a concession food business in Washington State since 1993. With my 20 years of experience, I must say that Festival Inc has done the best job in organizing and managing large scale festivals and fairs.

I have personally served at the Comcast Bite of Seattle®, the Taste of Tacoma, the Tall Ship Festival and the Seattle Pride Parade, all of which are managed by them and all draw 100,000 or more people. I have been really impressed with their detailed planning and personal attention given to the vendors and the public. Their layout for the food court and the flow of traffic is by far the most professional and efficient.

Among hundreds of concession vendors in the Seattle area, we all know that the events produced by the Festival Inc are best advertised and draw huge crowds. It is always an honor and privilege to have a vending space at their events. Indeed, it normally takes a long waiting on the list to get a space.

With 20 years of vending experience, I regard my compliment for the Festival Inc backed up by solid personal experience and first hand observation. I do not say this casually. If you choose Festival Inc to manage your event, you definitely have picked a winner.

Ahmad Sakek – Blue Elephant (Food Vendor) – 10+ years
Festivals, Inc is a first class production company with great emphasis on logistic details and excellent communication skills. Working with festivals, Inc has enhanced our knowledge of the business as well as maximizing our profit.

Eddie Kahl – Dancing Zorba (Food Vendor) – 3+ years
"I have been in the special events/festival business for over 15 years. Within that timeframe, I have yet to experience a special events production company that even comes close to the caliber of New Growth. Each and every year they execute, with precision, every aspect of the festival business cycle; from marketing, planning, logistics, and operations, to relationships with customers, business, and government.  I say this with confidence because their proven business model is directly tied to my personal success.  It is no coincidence that my top selling events are produced by New Growth."

Stan Moffit – The Frankfurter (Food Vendor) – 25 years
There is no doubt that Festivals Inc. is the by far the most organized and best event producer in the Seattle area.

Jim Antram – The Irishman (Food Vendor) – 4 years
Your staff and customer service is terrific! Can’t say that about other events!


Linda Zopfi – Entertainment Director – 20 years
It has been my pleasure to work for Festivals Inc. providing entertainment at both the Comcast Bite of Seattle® and Taste of Tacoma for the past 20 years. From the very beginning of the overall planning, right though to the execution of each festival, their focus is on producing a first class event for the public, and lending outstanding service to each and every vendor, no matter what their size. The Bite of Seattle in particular is an enormous undertaking with many logistical obstacles to tackle when operating seven entertainment stages at the same time. The staff at the Bite don't miss a beat when it comes to taking care of all the entertainers as well as the entire stage crew and support team. The prestige that these events have garnered over the years has made them the premier festivals for the entertainment community, as well as the general public.

Virginia Anderson – Executive Director, Seattle Center
You balanced all the competing interests to create a spectacular festival. I was in D.C. for meetings but had lots of first-hand reports on the great skydive, the wonderful entertainment the mountains of food and terrific crowds. Congratulations to you and all your staff on a fabulous Bite of Seattle.

Star Moser - Hollywood Lights (Manager Electrical services) - 15+ years
I wanted to take a moment to let you know how much we enjoy working with Festivals Inc, after ten years of working together I feel it's time. I've been employed with Hollywood Lights now for twenty five years. In that time I've worked with a lot of festivals & events. Let me tell you the majority of these events lacked the informational skills required to organize and run an event successfully. As you are aware in business as well as the festival & event industries information is the key to successful events.

The list of why Festivals Inc stands apart from the rest.

  • 1. Pre-production meetings with all vendors.
  • 2. Lists indicating what the power requirements are for you and your exhibitors.
  • 3. Site maps well in advance of event set-up.
  • 4. Exhibitor information phone # contact information.
  • 5. Advanced notification when changes are made instead of surprise!
  • 6. Radios provided during show set-up so questions can be answered immediately.

Chris Karstens – Event Service Representative at Seattle Center – 2 years
The Seattle Center has enjoyed our partnership with Festivals Inc. over the years and appreciates all of the hard work you and your staff put in year-round to create a successful event. We both know that coordinating all of the logistics for an event of this size requires teamwork and solid communication between our organizations. Your staff is great to work with and we look forward to producing a safe, enjoyable, and successful Bite of Seattle in the years to come.

Tom Fleisher – Bradlee Distibutors – 3 years
I must say that this year’s event was by far the best. From early access to set-up of the cooking stage to the quality of presentations. Having Brian Poor as the M/C was a huge improvement and the new AV specialist helped make the event much more interactive with the audience. Thanks again and I look forward to having the opportunity to work with you next year.


Kitty Domres – Development Director – Food Lifeline
Well are you folks wonderful or what? You are wonderful! We already got a hand written note from one of our financial donors telling us how fantastic the event was. One of our board members made a special point to talk with her and she specifically mentioned Al’s name and the hospitality he showed her. Way to go Al and thanks to you all!

Heather Jensvold - Tamera Wilson PR
Participating in The Bite Cooks! is always a highly sought-after opportunity by TWPR and our clients. It puts the chef in front of current and potential guests at one of the largest public food events in the state. It gives each chef a moment to touch base with the guest on a personal level, to share experiences, and find out what guests really want in a dining experience, something they don’t always have the opportunity for on a busy night back at the restaurant. The Bite Cooks! is a very worthwhile venue for any area restaurant.

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